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Here in Philadelphia, things are definitely not how they were before Covid. I am not sure how all the different types of businesses have been impacted, but I know how it has been inside Logic for the past almost two years.

Logic Philly shut down about 2 weeks before the mandate came out requiring/asking us to. My context then as it is now is to do what’s best for our members and their safety here in Philadelphia. We worked very hard to maintain our business and survive the pandemic as well as making sure we also thrived so we could continue to grow.

On a Monday night between 5 pm when we start our kids class, and 9 pm when we are closing up for the night after our last adult Brazilian jiu jitsu class, we have had around 100 people walk through our door. Our Logic family may be small compared to the entire Philadelphia community, but we maintain a high standard inside our facility.

We are very pleased to be able to offer an essential service to members while remaining covid free this entire time. We strongly believe that staying in shape both mentally and physically by training jiu jitsu and muay thai combined with intelligent protocols builds the best immune system.

So if you are worried about multiple factors possibly along the lines of; Is it safe? Are people even training right now? Is now a good time to start investing my time to learn how to defend myself? Are there others who are training right now? Just know that Logic is signing up new members and our family is growing safely here in Philadelphia.

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