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My 9-yo son’s teacher, Kyle, is effective and wonderful with the kids. My son not only learned Jiu Jitsu moves but lifelong skills that has made him more confident. The staff at Logic are down-to-earth and incredibly helpful to families!

Mae Trieu

Parent of Member/Student of Logic

Stopped in to train here while I was in the city for a Sixers game. Great environment, extremely friendly, and great instruction. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking to start training Jiu Jitsu or traveling through. I’ve been to a few BJJ academies in Philly and the surrounding areas. This one is top of the list!

Jason Moore

Visitor of Logic

Excellent instructors and beautiful clean facility. The upper-level students here are just as helpful as the instructors. I always have a great experience here. I am a new student, but Jiu Jitsu has already improved my life considerably. There are plenty of female students, and older students like myself, are welcomed. There are also fitness classes and Muay Thai. This is a beautiful and safe environment in which to learn this intriguing martial art. I will not train anywhere else!

Ian Flamm

Visitor of Logic

Logic has been my jiu-jitsu home for the last 2 years and I couldn’t be happier. Kristian Woodmansee is a world class teacher and leader, and he will work with you to push your limits and grow your game. He is a jiu-jitsu genius, goal-oriented, and teaches concepts over random techniques. Morgan, Kyle, Dennis, and Jimmy are also amazing instructors. Fit class and Muay Thai are just as great as the jiu-jitsu classes. Also, Logic is far from culty. The people who train there are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Even though I’m a hobbyist, I’ve always felt looked out for and invested in. In terms of the actual gym, there is no other jiu-jitsu school in Philly that looks like Logic! It’s absolutely gorgeous, clean, modern. The bathrooms are luxury hotel status, equipped with showers. As much as I love the amenities, it’s the people at Logic that I love the most. 10/5 wish I never have to leave!

Chelsea Salas

Visitor of Logic

There are great options for Jiu-Jitsu instruction in the Philadelphia region but Logic truly stands out. It is the only gym headed by a world champion, who is also sought for seminars by gyms across the world. Logic offers an array of classes and times including a great kids program. Further, it is the biggest, most amenity rich facility in the area. In terms of price/reward ratio it is your best bet by far.

Noah Barth

Member/Student of Logic

Best jiu jitsu academy in the greater Philly area. Amazing instructor, team is like a family, most beautiful facility I have ever trained in. If you are in the area and looking for your new gym home come to Logic (especially if you are a lady! We have some really awesome women training here and we want you!)

Maya Nazareth

Member/Student of Logic

If I could give Logic six stars, I would. We started with Logic when we enrolled our two 5 year-olds in the kids classes, but they looked like they were having so much fun that it wasn’t too long before I was taking classes too.
What’s so great about this place? Well, just about everything.

The staff- Here you will find world class instructors who not are not only outstanding teachers but also successful competitors in regional, national, and international competition. Their expertise is backed by experience, so you know you are learning from the best. Beyond this, they create a warm but professional environment in which to train.

The facility- the old place was nice, but the new facility is truly in a class by itself. Spacious (huge!) and clean, this brand-new gym has great natural lighting and a modern design aesthetic that really makes it pleasure to spend time there. In a city where parking can be tough, the lot across the street available for students makes it easy to get here without a lot of hassle.

The students- An outstanding group of people dedicated to improving their jui-jitsu and themselves. Very welcoming, very respectful, they roll hard but do so safely. From those who will likely go on to win international championships to those who are more casual students, there is a a true sense of enthusiasm and community that you don’t see many other places.

The kids programs- a great place to bring your children to learn confidence, discipline, and the value of perseverance. Your kids will love it, and you will love watching them have so much fun.

Training at Logic is amazing experience. It is a great opportunity to get in shape, use parts of your brain you probably don’t use in other parts of your life, and become a part of a community of great people. Come check it out – you will be glad you did!

Daniel Holena

Member/Student of Logic

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