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There are so many daily searches for Karate and Self Defense in Philadelphia, Pa and it is truly important if you take your safety seriously to understand the possible disservice you will experience when stepping into a local dojo.

Karate as a martial art is incredibly valuable, it builds discipline, respect, integrity, and the list goes on. The one thing though that it likes is its true application in modern-day self-defense situations. A majority of karate is heavily structured around “knowing” what is going to happen and having the proper reaction, this is incredibly dangerous since in almost all situations the attacker is not going to share their step-by-step approach to the situation with those involved.

You cannot afford to be stabbed or shot and in your last moments comment on how they attacked you incorrectly.

When I have potential students reach out and share with me their interest in signing up, the first thing we do at Logic in Philly is ask them what their goals are. Only then can we efficiently serve our students and support them in accomplishing the goals they share.

To most raw newcomers, their initial goal changes or adjusts quickly once they personally experience a true martial art of value. The inexperienced “I believe karate is the best approach to building self-confidence” or “Karate will stop my child from getting bullied in school” to “I took Karate when I was a kid” will change to “I had no idea the mistake I made/was going to make”, “Karate taught my child the answer to being bullied is purely a physical choreographed response” and “It makes sense why it takes the average person 10+ years to obtain their black belt in jiu jitsu compared to a 7-year-old getting their black belt in karate”.

However you look at the topic, every martial art offers a true value, some even offer similar value to others, however, there are many that leave important boxes unchecked. Be sure that when you sit down to search for an environment to learn that you are clear in what you want to achieve.

In today’s world, not just here in Philadelphia, the most common disciplines that have the highest value of service are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai / Boxing, and wrestling. These elements play a specific role in character building, as well as real-life application with sport and self-defense. After reading this, do a true open-minded search and watch the videos demonstrating practical application in real-life situations using BJJ, MMA, and the striking aspect of Muay Thai. You will see via UFC (the highest form of sport) as well as amateur videos of bullies being stood up to using the martial arts that we teach here in Philadelphia at Logic.

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