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Training At Logic (COVID)

Here in Philadelphia, things are definitely not how they were before Covid. I am not sure how all the different types of businesses have been impacted, but I know how it has been inside Logic for the past almost two years. Logic Philly shut down about 2 weeks before the mandate came out requiring/asking us […]

MMA Classes in Philadelphia

Here in Philadelphia just like everywhere has a massive interest in MMA (mixed martial arts). With the success of promotions like UFC, Bellator, and CFFC, more and more people are finding not only interest but realizing how accessible training now is for everyone. At Logic Philly, we teach the elements of MMA and offer our […]

Kids Taekwondo Classes In Philadelphia

Were you searching to find Taekwondo classes for your child in the Philadelphia area? Are you looking for a structure that gives your child focus, respect, discipline, confidence, and most importantly the ability to defend themselves? Continue reading to learn why we don’t teach Taekwondo classes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in order to achieve all of […]

Karate Classes in Philadelphia

There are so many daily searches for Karate and Self Defense in Philadelphia, Pa and it is truly important if you take your safety seriously to understand the possible disservice you will experience when stepping into a local dojo. Karate as a martial art is incredibly valuable, it builds discipline, respect, integrity, and the list […]

Krav Maga Classes in Philadelphia

Commonly today when the inexperienced are looking to learn self-defense, leading the pack is Krav Maga. This is one of the most demanded martial arts today in Philadelphia, Pa. A relaxed google search and some clicks later and you will find yourself learning that the military-based discipline Krav Maga has become incredibly popular as the […]