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Here in Philadelphia just like everywhere has a massive interest in MMA (mixed martial arts). With the success of promotions like UFC, Bellator, and CFFC, more and more people are finding not only interest but realizing how accessible training now is for everyone.

At Logic Philly, we teach the elements of MMA and offer our programs to all our students. We focus on the martial arts BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) which focuses on submissions and positions once on the ground (crucial for self-defense, and sport) as well as wrestling, and Muay Thai. When you combine multiple elements together, you have the well-rounded training that is used in MMA.

Although we have students that are professionals in all different practices, the majority of our Philadelphia student base is composed of hobbyists. Men, women, children, all different ages, and goals thriving at Logic. We do this by having different class levels, focusing on goals to acknowledge progress, and having high-level instructors who have experience in leading all types of students.

Not everyone in Philadelphia who trains fights or competes, nor do they have to, and just like any other sport, we have plenty of students who are your normal 9-5 working employee that comes in 3x-4x a week to get quality instruction. Naturally, most people who are interested when they show up have unrealistic expectations. Thinking they will be “fighting” every day, that they will be forced to train only with professionals, will be getting injured and not able to go to work the next day, etc. This is not the case at Logic, which is why we offer free classes for people to experience the environment safely and see for themselves.

So, if you’re from Philly and looking to learn how to defend yourself intelligently, pick up a new hobby, attempt to start a career, or just simply enjoy practicing something you enjoy as a sport, regardless of why just be sure to be in the correct environment. The Logic doors are open, all you have to do is walk in.

– Coach Woodmansee

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