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Here at Logic Philly, we have a new kid’s class starting soon – Muay Thai. Muay Thai (or Thai Boxing) is a stand-up martial art, where the participants can use a combination of punches, knees, elbows, and kicks to strike their opponent. Muay Thai is a fantastic martial art to learn for kids as it combines fun with fitness and self-confidence.

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However, Muay Thai is not the #1 martial arts class for kids, we believe that the best is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). In BJJ you only use an optimal amount of force when striking or grappling with your opponent, regardless of the situation. It is impossible for kids to control a Muay Thai punch, knee or kick which means it is much harder for kids to confidently defend themselves without injuring their opponent. Jiu Jitsu is the foundation, a basis to learn from, gain confidence and control whereas any Muay Thai move is always a last resort.

Also, BJJ is the most practical form of self-defense for any situation which your kids may find themselves in. For example, a child being dragged into a car by an adult – they won’t know the best action to take and that is something we could teach them in Jiu Jitsu. i.e. how to break an adult’s grip. No amount of punching of kicking from a 7-year-old will enable them to prevent abduction by an adult, however any 7-year-old can break an adult’s grip once they know the secrets of thumb manipulation.

Another advantage of your kids learning Jiu Jitsu over Muay Thai is that many kids do not like punching or kicking and that some kids may lack the confidence to learn these moves. Even the most shy of children can be gently introduced to our Jiu Jitsu Program, where the early emphasis is on break falls, shoulder rolls and individual practice movements (e.g. hip escapes and bridges).

We keep our student to coach ratio as low as possible to ensure the kids receive the highest quality training and as soon as our maximum is reached, we will add more classes. Our kids’ classes are coached by a qualified BJJ blackbelt, many schools employ recently qualified blue belts as children’s coaches.

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