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Were you searching to find Taekwondo classes for your child in the Philadelphia area? Are you looking for a structure that gives your child focus, respect, discipline, confidence, and most importantly the ability to defend themselves? Continue reading to learn why we don’t teach Taekwondo classes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in order to achieve all of those things.

Taekwondo is a traditional martial art that primarily focuses on kicking. It also happens to be an Olympic sport, which is cool. As most martial arts do, TKD will teach them some very important life skills. So why don’t we teach Taekwondo classes at Logic Philly? The most important reason is that it doesn’t prepare children for defending themselves against many different types of attacks, and we believe realistic preparation is not something that should be overlooked.

In TKD, the art is highly kick oriented, practitioners don’t train how to throw or defend punches, how to wrestle and defend takedowns, and the most common aspect in all self-defense, it doesn’t teach anything that transpires on the ground (which is why training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so very important). Although there are many great benefits to training martial arts, we feel the most important should be learning how to defend yourself in modern/realistic situations. This means the standard must be practically learning distance and control when standing, grappling when clinching, and grappling while on the ground.

Surprisingly enough, most practitioners that start training a traditional martial art in today’s world like Karate, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, etc. realize what they are lacking and then gravitate towards modern approaches to their goals by learning jiu jitsu or implementing it into their schedule. There is nothing wrong with not training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, however, one cannot say that they are confidently prepared for self-defense without it.

Authentic martial arts education shouldn’t leave anyone with a false sense of confidence. Unfortunately, many of the traditional martial arts, such as Karate and Taekwondo, don’t provide proper training to protect against violence, and instead have potentially put you in a situation with the wrong tools for the job.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts may be new to you since your parents more than likely did not know about them when doing their research, but it is time to break that mold and prepare better for tomorrow with information that exists today. At Logic Philly, we have classes for everyone, all ages, all goes, and always with success.

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