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Commonly today when the inexperienced are looking to learn self-defense, leading the pack is Krav Maga. This is one of the most demanded martial arts today in Philadelphia, Pa. A relaxed google search and some clicks later and you will find yourself learning that the military-based discipline Krav Maga has become incredibly popular as the go-to martial art for self-defense. This is due to its rawness because of its no boundary/anything goes style. Seems very practical and easy to learn in terms of how long it will take right?

You more than likely have arrived at this page looking for Krav Maga training in Philly. Please continue reading and potentially steer yourself away from making a common mistake that so many do.

The biggest problem with Krav Maga is that it’s largely based on “absolute” choreography-like interactions, common with other traditional martial arts like karate, and tae kwon do. If you use the most realistic form of public display currently in terms of self-defense today, you will see that the three primary martial arts studied by Professional UFC fighters are Brazilian jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, and wrestling. All of which we here at Logic have combined decades of experience with as well as international accolades at the highest level of competition. So, in terms of practicality, if Krav Maga were to be at the top of the list for self-defense, it would be easily seen at the highest level of true self-defense. Here is where most think “But I am not interested in fighting as a sport!” This leads us to our next pivotal point.

Consider yourself in a situation where the training you have is required to use, would you prefer to be prepared in a way that’s statistically proven, or have the tools from a form of martial art that’s marginally less successful? As a father and husband, I insist to my family to acquire tools they may possibly never need rather being in a situation that they are not prepared for. Here at Logic, we have students of all ages, gender, sizes, and goals. They are all prepared correctly and accomplish uniquely with the same information.

We have a proven system that is constantly being tested as well as modernized and continues to produce the successful results that all of our students enjoy. Self-defense cannot be learned in a 3 hour Krav Maga seminar, or from any martial art short-term. It is a lifestyle choice that must constantly be invested into in order to maintain its value. Think of something that you are incredibly gifted at, maybe it’s your career or passion, but regardless it is something that takes discipline and dedication with proper education.

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  1. Hello, my name is Jason. I would like to know about your Krav Maga program. My phone number is (267) 386-6674. Thank you.

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